Girasol Harvest Wrap Conversion

This HuXling custom wrap conversion was made into a mei tai with hoodie measuring 18″ wide by 19″ high just above the waistband.

This mei tai wrap conversion comes with HuXling pleated wrap straps, leg padding and acorn artwork featuring the first freemotion work on a HuXling carrier (after 2 years of practice on items for personal use only).

I truly love the colours and was very pleased with how the acorns and leaf turned out.

Here are the photos – what do you think?


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Sternenzauber I – Full Buckle Wrap Conversion

How incredibly lucky was I when I managed to buy a brand new Sternenzauber carrier from Bianca at Bellely in 2013?! Thank you so much, Bianca!

It took me long enough to decide to work with it and I was very grateful when many lovely mamas got in touch to express their interest and so I managed to maximise this size 7 wrap to create to PURE Sternenzauber wrap conversions – with a combination Sternenzauber waiting to be finished and sold as an in-stock carrier within the next 2 months.

It took me over a week to measure and cut the wrap because I needed to make sure that I had not forgotten about any part of the carrier at all. My main aim was to create two carriers out of this wrap without the need to supplement any part with a different wrap – I am so glad I managed to do it.

This first Sternenzauber is a PURE wrap conversion with an inner C&C wrap layer and measures 19″ wide by 20″ high just above the two-part buckled waistband.

It is fully reversible and has standard leg padding with extra squish and a flat adjustable hood.

The buckled straps measure 15″ in length, are foam padded and have reversible loops for fastening the hood straps onto.

Care and wash instructions are the same as for other HuXling carriers: wash at 30 degrees on a low spin inside a pillow case and if possible remove the buckles before washing. Do not tumble dry.

Here are the photos for the first Sternenzauber, Kirsty’s Sternenzauber – what do you think?


Meander Solina Onbuhimo

I got the opportunity to transform a Meander Solina wrap into an onbuhimo from a local mama. It is truly amazing to see the huge progress babywearing has made over the last 8 years. When I started babywearing 8 years ago, I knew of no other local babywearers and now there are many local slingmeets and sling libraries all over the UK!

This wrap conversion measures 18″ wide at the top, 16″ wide in the middle and 18″ wide above the waistband. It measures 20″ high and is meant to be worn apron-style, but can also be worn non-apron style.

It has a PURE inner wrap layer and the 180cm long straps are padded to wrap straps.

Here are the photos:

Didymos Winter Lilies

How grateful was I when this beauty arrived for me to convert it into a pre-schooler sized half buckle carrier?!

Susan at Show Me Slings sent it and her customer service and speed of delivery were outstanding as always. Here is a link in case you want to buy one of these beauties:

It’s a hemp blend wrap and has the usual nubs and slubs, which adds to the character.

It’s 20″ wide and 21″ high and comes with an adjustable flat hood and gathered wrap straps – what joy were they to make. I really think gathered wrap straps looks extraoridnarily pretty!

Autumn Leaves Mei Tai

This lovely Pollora wrap was converted into a reversible toddler mei tai and is a Pure wrap conversion as it includes wrap fabric as its inner layer.

This custom carrier is 18″ wide and 19″ tall and comes with pleated wrap straps featuring the new HuXling pleat: a tiny box pleat on top of a bigger box pleat with two inverted pleats pointing towards the box pleats.

The Autumn Leaves mei tai also comes with an adjustable flat hood matching the body design on the peachy side.

This is the carrier I am the happiest with – it sewed like a dream and every stitch is where I wanted it. How lucky was I?!

Here are the photos:

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