Jenny’s Rainbow HuX-Ring

This has been the most nerve-wrecking carrier I have made thus far – I just needed to get it right for Jenny, who had a very clear vision of what her carrier needed to look and feel like. This custom wrap conversion was made from a Girasol Double Rainbow in a purple weft and a Natibaby Rainbow wrap exclusive to Fluff-n-Stuff. The artwork was made from Girasol Northern Lights wrap scraps and a bamboo fabric for the clouds.

After lengthy testing and product development, Jenny’s is the first HuX-Ring I made as a custom order to ensure safety and comfort for the newest member of the HuXling custom carrier range.

It’s a Pure wrap conversion measuring a customised 16″ high and 17″ wide, which meant that the side rings went 0.8cm higher up than on the tester, which was 2.5cm higher overall.

It’s a fully reversible carrier and features artwork on one side of the adjustable flat hood and a rainbow chevron on the Girasol side of the hood.

The padded wrap straps are internally lined with cotton drill to enhance the carriers durability. The padding is 13″ long and the overall strap length is 185cm to the longest taper to enable using them as a chest strap. If you purely want them as side straps, you can reduce this length to approx. 150cm.

The double thickness waist strap features the HuXling pleat and is also internally lined – as are the side loops that hold the rings.

If you wanted a single layer waiststrap, the fabric requirement for the HuX-Ring would be reduced as this Rainbow HuX-Ring used up 1.4m of Natibaby Rainbows and almost all of a size 6 Girasol (RR) Double Rainbow purple weft.

I hope the following photos will encourage you to dream up your very own HuX-Ring – the more creative the better – so please get in touch.


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Onyx Mei Tai

Sometimes all that is needed to express pure beauty is simplicity.

This is an unpadded Pure wrap conversion made from a Little Frog Onyx wrap with an internal layer of C&C wrap fabric.

It’s a classic sized HuXling carrier measurin 16″ wide and 17″ high from the waistband.

It’s the first HuXling carrier to come without any padding at all so it’s very light and compact.

The straps are gathered wrap straps, which provide extra comfortable support when spread across baby’s bottom.

Here are the photos:

Lara in Wonderland

HuXling’s first ‘proper’ semi-custom carrier was created from Kokadi’s Lara in Wonderland – what a beautiful wrap to convert and sew with.

Here are the carriers specifications:

  • Classic half buckle wrap conversion
  • Pure layer
  • Seat darts
  • Standard size 16″ width x 17″ height
  • Adjustable flat hood
  • Pleated wrap straps
  • Reversible design

And here the photos, which I hope you’ll like as much as me!

Agate Butterflies Mei Tai Wrap Conversion

Here comes a lovely in-stock HuXling carrier perfect for the current sunny weather and to brighten up any grey days throughout the year.

This wrap conversion is made from a Little Frog Sunny Agate wrap and features some applique butterflies with some freemotion embroidery on their wings and some little blossoms. The wrap was purchased from the lovely Susan at ShowmeSlings.

It has hood loops to tie up the hoodie and to use as a neckrest and also comes with standard leg padding.

It’s a toddler-sized carrier measuring 18″ wide above the waistband and 19″ tall.

The straps are padded wrap straps measuring approximately 215cm to the longer taper.

Agate Butterflies is a pure wrap conversion with an inner layer of C&C wrap fabric and is also fully reversible.

The topstitching was done with light cream Gutermann thread. Please follow all washing and care instructions and all safety guidelines whenever using your HuXling. This HuXling was started in August 2013 and completed in March 2014.

To purchase, please go to the HuXling store now (if it is not there anymore, it has sold).

To help you make up your mind, please look at the photos:


Green Leo Onbuhimo

This is Terese’s lovely classic sized HuXling Onbuhimo with green sling rings and a HuXling hoodie with ears.

It is made from a Storchenwiege Leo wrap and the lining of the hood comes from a Girasol wrap.

It has leg padding, a padded waist and 180cm long padded wrap straps.

Here are some photos:

Indio Holunder Mei Tai

I had been waiting for a very long time to convert this beauty!!! I know that Indios are not amongst the more popular wraps to work with amongst converters, but I just couldn’t resist this one …

It’s a custom sized wrap conversion measuring 19″ wide and 20″ high. It has an internal layer of strong, very heavy-weight cotton drill and the thread used for it was Gutermann 391 (for future reference).

It comes with pleated wrap straps, leg padding, a padded waist and a hoodie.

Aren’t the colours just divine?

The HuX-Ring Carrier

A couple of years ago, I intended to create a different type of carrier but was soon put off when I saw already existing designs similiar to what I envisaged. I did not want to step on anyone’s toes and the testing process is usually quite lengthy and  tedious, which is why I decided to focus on carriers I knew how to sew and to improve existing designs.

I was very lucky when Jenny contacted me with a clear vision of what she wanted to have made and I soon realised that it was similar to the ring onbu I initially planned – but much better! It took me a while until I understood exactly what Jenny wanted but once I got it, I was very eager to start. (And yes, I tried to find something to match Jenny’s awesome hair! Luckily I had dyed in Amazonas wrap last year, which seemed to go well.)

Jenny kindly helped me in researching existing carriers that use rings and we hope we managed to come up with something slightly different incorporating a ring waist with a HuXling pleat. I contacted existing carrier makers, who reassured me that the HuX-Ring design does not infringe on their IP rights but due to the emergence of a lot of new carrier makers and WAHMs, which I may not know of at this point, I would be grateful if anyone, who feels that I have missed someone, could please e-mail me.

Another challenge was ‘artwork‘: I don’t consider myself artistically talented. I cannot draw (beyond of what your average  year old can produce), things don’t come naturally to me and most things take me longer than I feel they should. I usually have a clear vision in my head of what I want things to look like and it never happens, which  disappoints me. I am not sure if I have unrealistic expectations, am too critical or am aimply realistically aware of my own shortcomings and limitations.

I look at other converter’s artwork in awe while practicing on fabric scraps, but rarely take the step to transfer my skills onto carriers . I let fear of failure and disappointment hold me back – something that ranslates to many areas of my life. But I felt brave with this tester and I am sick of letting the fear hold me back. If I don’t try, I’ll never know, right? So anyway, I went for it and made an abstract (and anatomically incorrect) seahorse whilst threadpainting by hand, which was inspired by a tattoo I once saw. Just like that I let the needle glide across the fabric and hoped for the best … sure, when I look at it, I can see things I’d like to look a little different, but overall I am really happy that I finally did it and that this time I gave myself permission to be creative and just accept the end result for what it would be.

Now to the carrier description:

This is a Pure wrap conversion, which means that the internal layer is made from C&C wrap fabric, and it is fully reversible, so can be worn without the abstract seahorse showing.

It’s a standard size HuXling conversion measuring 16″ wide and 17″ high above the padded waistband, which can be won apron or non-apron style depending on your preference.

The straps are padded wrap straps and the padded area measures approximately 12″. The straps can be looped through the small side rings like you would on a ring sling and be worn like buckle straps though there may be quite an excess of fabric hanging down as the straps are 155cm long and tapered. Alternatvely they can be worn TIbetan style, which Jenny has kindly demonstrated in the photos below. The straps also have reversible straps loops for fastening the hood onto.

The carrier has a hoodie with straps in line with the BSEN 13209-2:2005 standard, which are a little short when trying to grab them while back carrying. Initial testing in 2011 found that babywearers wanted longer straps, which I incorporated in most carriers to date but which I recently changed in accordance to the BS-EN standars. The length of hood straps is therefore something I am currenly reconsidering.

The waist is padded and mouldable whilst still being supportive and is a ring waist. All HuX-Rings will use rings made by or While all three sets of rings were recently bought from slingrings, the shades of purple vary slightly. The side rings are small rings whereas the waist is medium-sized. At this point of testing, the waist rings can feel ‘diggy’ when worn so we are considering adding a padded area or padded cover to it to maximise comfort whilst babywearing with a HuX-Ring. The 1m long waist strap emerges from the body with a HuXling pleat and spreads to half the width of the original wrap size. On this carrier the waist strap consists of two layers of wrap – one sewn on top of the main straps for extra strength. For future HuX-Rings I intend to use the whole width of the wrap folded in half and then pleated, which means that there will two tapers on the waist strap. This may also be an option for wrap straps, should this be required.

So here is a quick summary of this custom baby carrier:

  • Pure wrap conversion
  • Fully reversible
  • Classic size 16″ wide and 17″ high
  • Hoodie
  • Padded wrap straps 155cm long
  • Small side rings from slingrings
  • Ring waist with medium rings
  • 1m long waist strap
  • Artwork: abstract seahorse

About the testing process:

I am very grateful for Jenny’s patience with me and for having agreed to test the carrier while waiting for her own conversion, which I want to get just perfectly right for her. Once Jenny is finished with testing, I will ask local babywearers to test too before sending the HuX-Ring out to other interested babywearers to receive feedback for further product development. Once I am satisfied that the HuX-Ring can be offered to other customers as a new custom carrier option, I will put it into the shop for anyone interested to hire for a week or two, which will require a deposit that will be refunded once the carrier is returned. Postage costs cannot be refunded and the carrier needs to be sent insured.

Current considerations for changes to the design include:

  • padded sleeve for waist strap rings
  • including one box pleat on the side attachments for the small rings
  • including one box pleat on the waist ring attachment
  • folding a full width waist strap in half and pleating it

So, now to the interesting bit – the photos! Please note that all photos are copyrighted to either HuXling or Jenny R and may not be used without our permission for external business or other professional purposes.

(Many thanks again to Jenny! Your photos are wonderful!)


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